Quality and environment

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Quality and environment are important to us

Core values

All our work is based on our core values.

Security – Handling power for customers, suppliers and employees, through reliability, experience and knowledge. New thinking – Create inspiring opportunities through development with the goal in focus. Confidence – Respect for human, environment and materials.

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Prevent water damage

We are proud of our products! They help us to contribute to a better living environment and, in the long run, also a better general environment. Our concept, Waterproof Kitchen, is the largest part of our environmental work. The products are specially designed to prevent water damage in the kitchen. They help you to detect a potential leak. If detected quickly, it can be rectified before excessive damage has occurred. We minimize the risk of ill health caused by mold attacks. In addition, we reduce the enormous unnecessary resource consumption that a water damage can cause.

All our materials are chosen from an environmental point of view. They should not contain substances that are listed as hazardous for the environment or health. The products in Waterproof Kitchen are assessed and approved in the Building Materials Assessment (BvB). BvB works for sustainable and environmentally friendly construction

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The products in Watersafe Kitchen have been tested and approved. Our approval number 0505/01. The tests are performed by SP and show that our products meet the requirements for leakage protection for appliances (Certification Rule 057). Our products carry this brand that shows that they are approved.


In our manufacturing process we take care of the gaming material that occurs. The material is then used in the manufacture of new products.

Since June 2013 we are certified according to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. For us, quality is about making right from the start. Security, safety and function.

Reusable products

Our concept TFX NonStick, consists of a number of reusable products. Everyone with long durability that helps to reduce the dumps.


Quality Policy


Tollco provides security, simplicity and usefulness in the kitchen and home with innovative products and solutions.

We develop, manufacture and market patented designs and products to prevent water damage in the kitchen. We also manufacture and market household items for cooking and baking.

We will continuously improve and develop our new and existing products to meet our own goals and customer expectations.

Our staff works to continuously improve and expand our product range to the requirements and needs of our clients.

Our quality system is based on many years of experience between customers, management and staff.

Idea and development of new products and the selection of raw materials coordinated with technical expertise.

Quality improvement initiatives should be actively encouraged and monitored.

Our production is quality assured by the work performed by our own skilled fitters and daily monitoring of everything that affects our business.



Environmental Policy


Tollco provides security and simplicity  in home with innovative products and solutions.

We develop, manufacture and market patented designs and approved products to prevent water damage in the kitchen. We manufacture and market household items for cooking and baking.

Tollco shall actively work to improve the environment, through conscious choice of materials and methods.


Our priorities:


Constantly improve and develop new and existing products.

Actively prevent pollution through conscious choice of materials and operation and deliver only when the quality meets the customer’s expectations.

Management and staff must have the expertise in the field of environment required to care and respect for the environment to become a natural part of our business.

Environmental improvements are actively encouraged and monitored.

Other environmental laws, government decisions and other requirements is a minimum standard for our environmental work.